What is a java programming language and its features ?

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Java programming language :

Java is a so popular general -purpose programming language .Java is a pure object oriented programming language .Java language is a high level programming language, robust, secured and object oriented programming language.  Java language has its own runtimes environment and API , it is called platform . Java language having keyword (Keyword means some word meaning already define by compiler and interpreter)

Example of Java programming language:

Class Simpleprogram{
Public static void main(String args[]){
System.out.println(“ Simple java program”);


Features of java programming language



2.Object oriented

3. Portable


5. Robust

6.Architecture neutral

7.Platform independent



10.High Performance

11. Multithreaded


features of java programming language

  1. Simple

Java programming language is very simple programming language because java language is based upon C language and C++ language

  1. Object-Oriented

The term Object oriented means that we organize a problem as a collection of discrete object that contains data and function that operate on that data. The OOPS is a powerful way to approach the ]task of programming language.

Some basics concept of object oriented programming language

  1. A) Class
  2. B) Object
  3. C) Inheritance
  4. D) Abstraction
  5. E) Polymorphism
  6. F) Encapsulation


Class: A Class is group of object with the same attributes and the common behaviors. Class is a jut blue print to create objects.


Object:  Object are often used to model real world entities that we normally find in everyday life. An object can be a place, person, thing and anything you see in the real world. Some example of real world: Book, table, computer, car etc…

Inheritance: Inheritance is very features of object oriented programming language. Inheritance is a process of deriving a new class from the existing class without modifying it .  The new class is called the sub class or child class or derived class and existing class is called the Base class or parent class or super class.


Abstraction: It is a process that involves indentifying the essential features without including the internal details.

Polymorphism: It is also a very powerful concept. The word polymorphism is derived from 2 Greek words Poly which means “Many” & morphos which means form. So Polymorphism means “The ability to take many forms “ .

Encapsulation: Encapsulation is a very powerful concept that binds together data and functions that manipulate that data. Encapsulation keeps the data safe from any external misuse and interference.


  1. Portable

Programmer may be carrying the Java code to any platform which you want to run.


  1. Platform independent

When Java developer write code in java programming than java code is compiled by the compiler and converted the code into byte code. This code (Byte code) is a platform independent. And it can be run on any platform (i.e. WORA: write ones & run anywhere)



  1. Secured

Java programming language is secured programming because No explicit pointer and Java program run inside virtual machine.


  1. Robust

Robust means strong. Java programming language uses strong memory. Java language avoids security problem (i.e. Pointer)

  1. Architecture neutral



  1. Dynamic
  2. Interpreted
  3. High Performance
  4. Multithreaded
  5. Distributed




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