What’s the difference between a cafe and a restaurant?

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What is Cafe ?

Cafe : If you look up the Oxford dictionary , cafe is defined as a type of “restaurant” that has confined serving place but mostly having an outdoor section to let people(customers) enjoy their snacks and coffee in open. The cafe word comes from coffee, and this is reflected in the focus of the management on serving coffee varieties to the people(customers). In United State, a cafe means an unofficial restaurant where food is served, mainly sandwiches and burgers.Cafe usually smaller sized establishments.


What is Restaurant ?

Restaurant : The Restaurant is French word that refers to places where drinks & food are served to customers. Customer can also eat these meals in style. The food served at restaurant is not ready made and served after a customer orders from a menu(e.g. appetizers, entrees, desserts). In these days “Home” deliveries have also started from restaurants. Restaurants are not usually open for breakfast. Restaurants usually offer alcohol, beer and wine


Difference between Cafe and Restaurants :

Restaurants –

Vary in their offerings from informal to fine dining
Are not usually open for breakfast
Usually offer alcohol, beer and wine
Usually offer formal menus .
Greeted by a hostess, served by a server.

Cafes –

Usually smaller sized establishments.
Offer small plate, trendy light fare.
Often feature coffee, latte’s, cappuccino’s and teas as their primary draw.
Usually no hostess and no servers .

Answered on October 9, 2017.
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